2ways?no, my way

my mind, heart and soul

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called it some days

some days

Sometimes you have those days
True stories but they keep wandering
That you look too much to the hazards,
And after all, you sit on the blisters
The moments of too many thoughts,
Thoughts and drive, which is distributed in my head
And then all the questions without answers
You are responsible for you’re errors,
 everyone has their own kind of problems
And sometimes you have moments when you just derails
It is too much, too much at one time
One moment you‘re just not yourself,
Or not recognize yourself
But stick with who you are,
and make sure you know yourself first

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some bout me

Hello all,

As you see in bout me just a little things i like and some info bout me, in my first post I wanna introduce my self a little.

As you can see my name is Andrew, I am 19 years old in a month i go 20. I’m from the Netherlands and live in Rotterdam great city btw. I do sports i play football. I always love to buy the soccer cleats always want the crazy colours to be a little shining on the field. I am also a little sneaker addict i love to buy them and always looking for a new pair currently i love to wear cr8rec, great shoes the really are!! music is a very important thing in my life there isn’t a day i don’t listen to one single song it’s a big part of my life and it inspires me to write a little about things that happen or happend in the past it always is a good thing to get things out of my mind. Also i have a tongue ring and soon im gonna get my first tatt so i keep u up bout that!!

to show a little of what i write in the next post is an example!!